Happy Sunday Sahagun

Beautiful walking today with cool temps and full sun. Trail was more of the rolling plain that served as the breadbasket since Roman times. I planned to only do about 19km today in order to see Sahagun-much history here and it is a good time to take a couple of short days. I was able to do the distance in just over four hours with two coffee breaks. Did the entire walk alone with my thoughts which was a welcome event after five hours of listening to a Canadian socialist artist expound on world events yesterday.  As this is Sunday little is open but I can get lunch and visit the sites this afternoon.

I had dinner last night with a retired Norwegian doing his 5th Camino and a 70 something Canadian originally from Denmark doing the Camino solo on a bike. All kinds, sizes, ages, and shapes here each on the Camino for their own reason.  Wishing you all well. Thanks for your interest. 


3 thoughts on “Happy Sunday Sahagun

  1. lee& ginny says:

    Glad you’re taking a little break with a few shorter days. You’re doing an amazing job, Mikey! Daily updates are great as are the photos. After the 5 hour talkathon a day or two ago, I’m thinking you’ll never complain again because JTR doesn’t talk much on road trips!!! 🙂 L&G


  2. Kristen says:

    Football Sunday here in Pelham, NY with all little ones and big ones in logo. Wish I could send photos but perhaps we will put on Facebook. Glad you had a personally pensive day today! You earned it!


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