Carrion de Los Condes

imageAfter a restful night in the albergue En el Camino last night I rose early for a great breakfast in what looked and felt like a hippie commune of he 60s. With fog and a flat course ahead of me covering the 26 km to The town above was over in a quick 5 hours. I will spend the night in a private room (splurge) at the convent of Santa Clara. This was not a pretty day as the fog was thick until about noon. I will try to attach a picture of the scene I was treated to all day. Once here it is the usual attending to cleanliness and then on to find food. Alcachofas con jamon and I am ready for rest and another day on the Camino. There are 257.4 miles to go as I complete my two weeks of walking.  Camino friends on my way appear and reappear.  As I walk at a faster pace than most, I walked. While with a nice Spanish couple working their way thru the Camino a week at a time each year.  I walked with a couple young women from Colombia and Canada, and two German girls. People from all over the world doing their own Camino in their own way. Until tomorrow si Dios quiere


3 thoughts on “Carrion de Los Condes

  1. Joe Ritchie says:

    Michael, wonderful to read of your adventure each day. Spoke at length with your better half yesterday. We agreed that you will have stories to tell for a long time. I know that you delivered papers for something like 2000 days in a row, so another two weeks on El Camino won’t faze you. I’m jealous of your experience. Proud of you, bro.


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