More on Palencia 

I miscounted the days in my last posting. Today is Thursday and I started walking from France on Saterday meaning tomorrow will be the end of week two. As of today I have walked 221 miles with 273 to go. Expecting good weather and terrain on Friday so I hope to move along. 

A good friend mentioned old skills being put to work on the Camino. I can not help but think of those old lessons of long walks in the. cold  I saw two pilgrims stop to bundle up against the. Old wind today at the base of the mesetA. Big mistake. One. Weds to be cold before the climb as the hard work will warm you. If you are wearing too much you will sweat thru everything and have and you will have  nothingf to put on at the top. Expecting temps of 45-57 tomorrow


5 thoughts on “More on Palencia 

  1. Mary Lujan says:

    Hi Michael,
    Tom and I are so enjoying your journey. Thank you for taking us along.

    15 years ago close family and cousins did the Minneapolis M.S. 20 mile walk with me. After mile 10 my cousin Jim was ready to call it a day. We encouraged him to hang in and complete the mission as there would be a TOUNGE sandwich at the end for him, He loved beef tounge so he charged on. there was no tounge but there was huge satisfaction with arriving at the goal.
    I cannot imagine how gratifying each days journey must be. You are the best Michael.
    Keep on keeping on:)


  2. Tom Mannle says:

    Yo ( i think that’s Espanol for Hey!!)

    By my reckoning, compared to the Brierly book, at Boadilla you’re 5km (3.5 miles) short of being 2 full days ahead of schedule…and if you get to Carrion de los Condes..a mere 25km from’ll be officially there…and ready for new adventures….




  3. Caesar and Judy Meledandri says:

    I envy your resilience and determination. Thinking of you and praying that your trip is meaningful and enlightening..


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