Departing before 7 at 45 degrees the walk across the meseta warms you with a long steep climb to the top with magnificent views of the. valley. A short walk across the top and there is a long 10 percent slope down the other side. Tough walking on old knees. There was quite a procession of pilgrims leaving Hontanas today. Some on to Fromista but I am happy to stop short in Boadilla del Camino.  I am now in the province of Palencia.  Walking the meseta is different as you can look ahead and see pilgrims for miles ahead and behind. I pass some on the flat and going up hills and the they pass me going back down. Have now completed two weeks on the Camino with week 3 starting in the morning. I just might be able to do this thing. Wish I had known about these temperatures. 

I must beg the forgiveness of the readers as my complaining of my conditions of yesterday pales in comparison to the exellent work done by Beth in giving birth to a lovely grand niece. Well done young Ritchies. All the best to you and yours. I saw a storm nest a. Lille days ago and just knew that it must be time. 


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