Etapa Heroica

Of course  I did not intend for this to be an heroic phase  I had rested well in Burgos and the weather was supposed to clear. After all, it’s all about getting there and you don’t get where you are going unless you go. Turned out that the rain got stronger and the wind turned to a gale. As you walk along you hope that the clearing will come  it never did. I am talking about walking across wheat and barley fields with horizontal rain stinging your face and ponchos flapping in the wind like a jib broken loose. Just as hope appeared in the person of a Camino sign that said Hontanas 5 km, the road changes consistency from rocks and puddles to slippery mud. The kind that adds weight to you boots and makes your feet move in directions unanticipated. All that said, I am fine and having a lovely lunch in Hontanas a full 31km from Burgos  292 miles to go and happy to be here.


8 thoughts on “Etapa Heroica

  1. Kristen says:

    Oh my!! Well maybe I can bring a smile with good news! Our newest Ritchie has arrived! Leighton Grace was born this morning. Class icky she waited until after Dad left and before we arrived to take care of Luke. All are well – she arrived quickly & healthy. I’m such an honored and proud aunt that I’m practically bursting with joy!


  2. John Tillson says:

    At last the kind of weather that is perfect for an infantryman. I must admit that I am a bit disappointed to read that you are sleeping inside every night. Not only that but you apparently are able to eat in restaurants and drink fine Spanish wine rather than having to eat MREs. Never the less, it is a great adventure and we are proud of your initiative and determination.


  3. Joe Ritchie says:

    Michael, who said that God doesn’t have a sense of humor. Rain, wind, and mud – and then he rested, even if you didn’t.. Glad to hear that you are holding up well. I like the Alice-in-Wonderland-ish quote of “you can’t get where you’re going until you go”. Always good advice. Another of God’s show of humor – Leighton Grace was born 11 hours after I arrived home in Orange Park after I had spent 11 days waiting for her in Pelham. Apparently she preferred to meet her Bubby at a later date. Ah women!


  4. Greg Ritchie says:

    Man. I can’t beat the Leighton Grace Ritchie news. But I can say that I’m proud of my bro as I have always been. Make sure you lean into the tape at the finish. Love Ya.


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