Experience is a great teacher-and she’s a bitch

So in spite of being sore and tired, I chose to rise early again as walking through a city (Pamplona) did not seem like fun. So I walked fast and was through the city on on to my goal early. So I decided to walk just one more town to make tomorrow’s climb of Alto de Perdon easier. It was some climb. The good news is that I am 5 km ahead of plan and I am half way up tomorrow’s hill.  A lesson relearned is to stop and look back from time to time. I was unable To attach the view of Pamplona half way up the Alto de Perdon. It is beautiful.   From Zariqueiegui, your humble pilgrim


4 thoughts on “Experience is a great teacher-and she’s a bitch

  1. Greg Ritchie says:

    Remember your best teachers were always the ones that who expected what they knew you were capable of, not of what you thought you were capable. And,
    yes, you thought they were a bitch….at the time.


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