Who knew that downhill was worse than up?

Day 2 was another 5:30 start aided by a great headlamp recommended by Agapito. Some of the most magnificent trails I have ever seen through pine forests and delicious small town streets. The challenge comes from the steep down slope and old knees. Thanks to walking poles and an understanding trail buddy I made it to my goal of Larrasoana. Fitbit reads 47046 steps and 116 flights of stairs. The steps are many due to the baby steps taken. An excellent Albergue with shower and dinner and it is off through Pamplona to Cizur Menor tomorrow. Pic is a trail marker that one finds along the way with pilgrim stones set on top.image


5 thoughts on “Who knew that downhill was worse than up?

  1. Tom Mannle says:

    Good job… You didn’t wimp out and pull the plug at Zubiri….

    Make sure you take time to smell the roses in Pamplona, admire the Berets Basque, and have a drink at Hemingway’s hangout Cafe Iruna…


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