The Camino Diet

The following has not been approved by the FDA or Dr Fauci.

This diet is a combination of the intermittent fasting and the diet of refugees fleeing from war. On the Camino Fisterra, there are few places to stop for a breakfast let alone a second breakfast like many places in Spain. We would finish our lunch around 4 (typical midday meal is between 1-4. Dinner is served around 9). We would then get up in the morning and walk for 4 or 5 hours before we would shower, do our laundry and then eat again between 1 and 4. Even gorging yourself on every French fry and piece of Spanish bread, This schedule tends to cause the weight to melt off your body. I have not been able to step on a scale but I can tell it is working every day when I yank my belt tight enough to keep my pants up and there is more belt than yesterday. I am not concerned, however. I have lost hundreds of pounds in my lifetime on this and other diets. I have always been able to find the pounds again soon enough. Gentle Readers are welcome to try this diet at your own risk.

I will attach a series of photos of our day which was a comfortable and leisurely day of travel and travel arrangements for our next phase in Madrid tomorrow.


One thought on “The Camino Diet

  1. Scott Hutchison says:

    We could usually find something for breakfast. It varies but the last day was a definite exception. We started early from Lires, in the dark, because it was going to be a long day of walking and as we were to discover there was nothing along our journey except a vending machine. We climbed and descended a big hill before Muxia and from there kept looking over each rise in the trail and around each bend for buildings. After many disappointments we finally saw the buildings of Muxia – it was a beautiful sight. It was five hours of walking. It is amazing what you can do without food as long as you have water.
    Merci said it was a touch of what she has heard about Ranger School – she thinks she should get one small corner of a Ranger Tab.


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