Muxia (Moo Shia)

Completing the 119 Km today in Muxia required our longest day of walking and we covered over 1200 feet of elevation. We started early as we anticipated significantly hilly terrain but we still managed to complete the final leg of the Camino Finisterre in five hours. Merci and Scott have been superb company as we were able to learn much more about each other and their ability to dominate the hills of Colorado came in handy.

It may seem as though completing multiple Caminos May be silly, especially after two careers of receiving certificates, but it is not about the paperwork, it is about the accomplishment. During these past weeks I have given deep thought about the issue of aging. Whether graceful of not, I believe that one must retain their sense of self. I have to still be me. I know that at 73, flying across the world every couple years to carry a pack hundreds of kilometers may seem a strange way of aging gracefully. But this I what I choose. This is me I don’t expect you to understand the Camino nor my fascination with it. It has been said that those that have not walked the Camino cannot understand it and those who have walked it cannot explain it. Soy yo.

I am please to have introduced the Camino to family and friends. I believe that they now get it. I hope to do this again. I don’t know when but as difficult as it was this time (post COVID) I know I will miss it. The people we meet from all over the world, the shared adversity, the kindness of strangers, and the graduate course in multi cultural sameness. I will have to be somehow involved with the Camino.

Tomorrow we depart on the early (6:15) bus from Muxia to Santiago. We will stand in line to get our Compostela and on Tuesday we will take the train from Santiago to Madrid. I look forward to showing off Madrid to Merci and Scott. I have always loved the rhythm of Madrid as well as the pace of life. I hope to continue to blog for several more days as there has been much reflection over these past weeks. Please be patient with me.


4 thoughts on “Muxia (Moo Shia)

  1. Hello, Michael. Enhorabuena por llegar a Muxia. Yo mañana empezaré a caminar en Somport, el Camino aragonés. Como dices “those that have not walked the Camino cannot understand it and those who have walked it cannot explain it.”


  2. Scott Hutchison says:

    We felt a great sense of accomplishment and thankfulness after arriving in Muxia. We found a small outdoor cafe and toasted each other with a Cerveza.
    Michael’s plan was excellent, the pace was great, and it was an exceptional experience as we walked together.
    We know a lot about each other now as we have heard some great stories. We saved the long stories for the long uphill treks. In fact, we would say “I will save that story for the next hill” 🙂
    We are so glad we walked the Camino Fisterra & Muxia, and we are very grateful Michael
    asked us to come along – what an adventure
    Buen Camino!

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