Gentle readers, I feel the need to apologize for yesterday’s post. I was beyond fatigued, Zoe, and discouraged. I took a 2 hour nap before a late lunch and went to bed about 5 PM and slept the night through. It made all the difference in the world. I had energy today which came in handy as we walked 22+ Km or 14.23 miles. I never could have done that without the extra rest. The walking was miserable as it rained nearly the entire time and at time very hard. Our first place to take a break was after an excruciatingly long hill at the 7 mile mark. It was aptly named Alto da Peña or height causes pain. dripping wet we had our first cup of coffee, a short rest, and then moved on. Rolling hills through fertile farm land and the scent of fresh cows we were often greeted by some of the largest guard dogs I have ever seen.

Finally after nearly 6 hours of walking we came upon our Albergue. I had lucked out in that we were the first to arrive giving us the choice of beds and the best showers I have ever had along the Camino. We did our laundry, dried our cloths in an actual dryer and went upstairs for lunch. I was first upstairs and decided to treat myself to a beer while Scott and Merci finished cleaning up. While standing at the bar waiting for the bar tender to serve others, I noticed that there was a 12 year old single malt labeled Cardu. There was little in the bottle so I decided to have a shot to warm my bones before our meal. ( My readers may remember another posting in 2015 when I walked in the rain from Burgos to Hontanas and did the same thing.). It was a good decision. The bar tender took down the bottle, looked at the amount in it and emptied it into my glass with a smile and a “buen Camino”. Tomorrow another 18 Km likely in the rain to Logoso.


One thought on “Renewed

  1. Scott says:

    It was a wet but great day – Merci & I feel like we are getting the full Camino experience!
    We were drenched so the hot shower and clean dry clothes felt great.
    The Pilgrim’s meal at the restaurant attached to the Albergue was fantastic and a fitting end to our day.
    Burn Camino!!


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