Harder than you think

I am sorry but this Camino is really kicking my butt. A climb of 1000 feet today that seemed like it would never end thought would be the end of me I am so glad we did not attempt to do the entire Santiago to Negreira leg I one day. It is 25 Km with some of the steepest climbs anywhere on the Camino. We did it in two days and I am still questioning my ability o carry on. Tomorrow we plan to do 22 Km because the terrain is more forgiving That will put us in a position to get to Finisterre and Muxia by Sunday and get back to Santiago.


2 thoughts on “Harder than you think

  1. Kristen Saranteas says:

    It sounds to me like the Camino is a time to really listen internally and reset what it is that you need. To get clarity. To make new goals or to be satisfied. Sounds like you are doing just that – you’re listening to YOU. Whether that means you continue or choose to rest and heal, either way is the right answer because you’re listening to YOU. “Tu eres TU!” We are proud of you.


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