Pride before the fall

Gentle readers, my apologies for not having written yesterday. I posted pictures but was reluctant to write due to an uncharacteristic lack of positivity. After years of anticipation and my desire to make this Camino a wonderful memory for my family I was feeling as though I had failed. I was wet and tired. All the equipment I brought for the others who may have blisters and I was the only one suffering with blisters. To top it off, my reputation as a fast walker having averaged 18 miles a day in 2015) was being crushed as people were walking past me as though I was standing. My pride was dashed and I was having a hard time dealing with the existential angst. The good news that it all worked out. We found the place we had reserved. To be truthful, we found a Camino bar/restaurant in the rain where I had decided that I could not walk another step I asked the owner to call for a taxi to take us to the Albergue. She was as sweet as could be when she told me that the place you want to go is only 200 meters down this hill. To verify, I asked John to drop his pack and see if it was there. He returned with all smiles and we packed up and made the last meters, showered, did laundry, and had a fabulous meal with wine. We slept for 9-10 hours and started again today. Life is good. Excess of Pride is bad.


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