Walking through rural Spain in September is fascinating. These are mostly tiny subsistence farms where they eat what they grow. We are passing corn fields and many of the traditional elevated corn drying bins, apples trees, and all the expected herbs, green leafy vegetables and tomatoes. My children had never seen how Brussels sprouts grow. Also interesting are the thousands of wild blackberry bushes all in full production at this time of year. Here they are called moras and they have taken over the stone fences that line the farmers fields as well as the Camino. It is common to see pilgrims feasting on ripe apples, figs, and blackberries along the way. We have all been enjoying the rustic bread, wine of the house, as well as the local flavors in the “pilgrim meals”. Last night we had a roommate join us in out Albergue. He is a radiology technician from Croatia who has walked from France. Out full meal with win and other beverages came to 67 euros for the seven of us. I am considering moving here.


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