If you have but one palace to visit in your life, come to Granada and visit the Alhambra and it’s gardens, the Generalife. There is nothing like it in the world for its beauty and it’s majesty. We were blessed with wonderful weather for our visit which was helpful with the extensive grounds and the crowds.

Occupied by the Moorish rulers for nearly 400 years its continuous improvements and strategic location allowed it to serve as both a fortress and a palace. The Alhambra is a building which reflects pure architecture of Islam as well as the teachings of the Koran about self. The outside is plainly unimpressive. Brown and red clay stucco and windowless.

Once you enter, it is an assault on the senses. Your eyes are entertained by a dazzling array of colors of tile, flowers, and intricate lattice work of plaster.

Your skin is cooled by mountain breezes channeled through windows and passageways as well as a running system of fountains, you smell the jasmine, roses, and incense, and you are entertained by the sounds of the fountains and running water. (Of course we were also assaulted by the sights and snarls if a million tourists but let’s stay positive shall we. )


2 thoughts on “Granada

  1. Arch & Cordy says:

    All so very amusing ! Love the pictures…esp the group shots…..and those from the bull fighting ring. Could you hear the echos of the crowd going wild for El Cordobes?? Best to Doug and Ruthie…find out when they are coming back to the Shootout…he owes me a free drink !!


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