Almost 40 years ago I was with friends and we tried to drive to Ronda from Malaga over Christmas break from our studies at Middlebury in Madrid. The road at the timé winded up through the mountain with no guard rails and trucks passing us and coming down the hill. It was too scary and we never made it to the town of Ronda. Today in an air conditioned bus on much better roads, I made it to Ronda. X

Another of the amazing towns tucked away in Spain due to its strategic location and defendable terrain. The town is split by a gorge several hundred feet deep it is today a tourist attraction swarming with Sunday visitors from Malaga and other towns. X

We arrived in time for lunch ( life is all about timing) and this evening we will have a walk about town. We will spend two nights in the Parador before we move on to Granada and it’s treasures. Group shot from the gorge. X

Having bandwidth issues in the hotel. Pictures are meant to be inserted at the Xs. Will try later to send separately.


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