We had a long travel day today from Evora crossing the Guadiana river into Spain. We stopped to see some of the best preserved Roman ruins in Merida. Established in 8 BC, the town of Merida was a retirement community for Roman Legions. At its peek it was a town of 40,000 Romans and support that has a classic Roman Bridge, aqueduct, amphitheater, forum, temple, and collusion. It is an amazing site surrounded by a modern city of 60,000 today.

We continued to Carmona where we will stay at one of the oldest and best preserved Paradors in Spain. We will stay here for 3 nights doing day trips to Sevilla, Cordova, and Granada before we move on to the mountain town of Ronda.


4 thoughts on “España

  1. Arch & Cordy says:

    Michael and Mary ….and Tom ! There you are conspicuously consuming from the fountain of European culture and history while we are about to get thrashed by Dorian here in Richmond…. life is not fair!! Know you have enjoyed the Bacalhua….better that way than al fresco. And how the Cozido a portuguesa ???…one of my favs!! How is Tom doing with all those pesos he exchanged for in the Minneapolis ap ?? 🤓. Divirtam-se meus amigos !!!


  2. Joe says:

    Wow, Papi.
    Merida was about the population of our hometown. That probably makes it a pretty big city for its time. Amazing how the Romans left their footprint – temples, theaters, roads, aquaducts, etc everywhere they went. Pretty clear they weren’t just passing through!
    Chapel of Bones is pretty creepy, but it really makes the point – can’t tell the rich ones from the poor ones, etc.
    Amazing adventure.


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