Sintra 2

In the afternoon, we visited the Historic Center of Sintra and the National Palace with its two towers that look like giant tanjeens over a warming pot of lentils. We toured the residence of the last royals in Portugal. The last members of the royal family having left in 1910 when the dictatorship took over. Like many old castles, it is a warren of tiny rooms with low ceilings and 130 stairs all designed for residents not waiting for a knee replacement.

The supporting town is a delightful mountain treasure of restaurants and curiosity shops. Portugal is famous for its cork trees and in these shops one can find just about anything made of cork.

After departing Sintra, we made two stops on our way back to Lisbon. The first was at Da Roca. It is a lighthouse that is said to be the westernmost piece of land in Europe. I had to smile to myself as the Spanish have always claimed that distinction as Finesterre and having been encouraging pilgrims who walk to Santiago to continue in to the earth’s end.

We also stopped at the beach and resort town of Cascáis with its gorgeous beaches and beach town life. I was happy to have seen the sites but was also pleased to get back to my hotel just after dark.

This blog site informed me upon my last blog that I have now written 100 blogs. This would be number 101


4 thoughts on “Sintra 2

  1. Joe says:

    Nothing like a controversy that can be solved, but not extinguished, by simples reading of a GPS. I suspect that no one really wants to know the answer – the argument is too much fun. Besides, we don’t like those lying cheaters, no matter what! Gotta love national pride when it revolves around something as harmless as this.


  2. JT says:

    “designed for residents not waiting for a knee replacement” 🙂

    I’ve heard of the cork from Portugal, have you come across any of the acclaimed cork soakers?


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