Touring the treasures of Lisbon

I began today with something I love about Europe. I went to the open air market first thing this morning. To see this is to be reminded of what most of us have lost about the honesty of food in America. When you get up early enough in a European city to witness the organized chaos of the delivery, preparation, selection, and display of fresh foods by hard working laborers it is to deeply appreciate what they do and what many of us take for granted. Produce that was in the sun yesterday. Fish that was swimming in the Atlantic in the dark of morning, and hooves that felt a heartbeat last night all now displayed for selection by first, chefs then those who will prepare food for the finest homes in Lisbon, and then later, as much later as this afternoon, the less fresh remnants that will feed the lower middle class and the poor, selected in the afternoon session. . These are honest working people intimately involved in the production of meals. They do it every day without fanfare and for little pay. It is work we should all remember as we give thanks and bless thy gifts which we are about to receive from thy bounty.

After my market visit, today I joined a tour group to visit the palaces of Sintra as well as the beach resort areas of Cascáis. It was a long day with amazing sites that will require another day to blog. Please be patient.

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