Camino Portugues Completed

All is well in Santiago de Compostela. We started our day early on a cool and breezy morning. Had a quick coffee and roll at the albergue and said goodbye and burn Camino to a couple of young ladies from Madrid we have seen all along the way. The final day can be very emotional as it is something you plan for and work for for so long that when it is suddenly here it can be a bit overwhelming. Below is a picture of me and the Madridlenas.

Santiago is a large and very busy city so the country manages route for pilgrims so as to not cause problems with congestion. This can be frustrating as you know that you have only 24 km to go but it takes over 30 to get here. We walked most of the day with Melissa from Ireland and Colin from England. Delightful people who complemented our group in so many ways. It will be sad not to see them again. I will have to work on staying in contact.

The walk was longer and got hotter as the day went along. Dan and I found the need to take a short rest break once we got into town with Melissa and Kim from Scotland.

But we finished and plan to attend the mass tomorrow.

Walking today was very emotional for me. Finishing and saying goodbye to new and old friends but mostly because of losing Jean exactly 3 months ago. All the things in life were always better when shared with her. I will write more about that tomorrow.

Thanks for reading.


4 thoughts on “Camino Portugues Completed

  1. Guten Abend Caminopapi, Gratulation und ganz liebe Grüße von dem German Volleyballteam! We were often with you in our thoughts. We arrived today in Santiago! We wish you all the best and enjoy your time in Europe. Marie, Friedi & Annika


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