A minor annoyance

Four days ago, having done my laundry and hung it out to dry, I went to the line to retrieve my clean(er) clothes and found that my belt was missing from my pants.

Now of all the things of value one must have with you on the Camino why would someone take my belt?

The annoying thing is that on Day 1 the belt was hardly needed but as time goes on along the Camino the belt is becoming more and more necessary. This is complicated by the fact that each day we walk into a town shortly after 1:00 PM when all stores are closed for lunch so it has been impossible to replace it. 3 days ago I was given a piece of plastic cord to help me with my sagging pants.

Today with out good walking and good Fortune, I finally found a store that has men’s belts for sale. 29.50 €!

For 40 dollars I do not think so


5 thoughts on “A minor annoyance

  1. Kay &Gil says:

    Needs must, I would have bought the belt. Your blog impresses me so much that I might do the walk one of these days. Gil also game to try it.


  2. Cordy & Arch Arnold says:

    Michael and Danny Boy ! Your excursion seems to working out exactly as you planned….what an adventure ! Carry on ! —Cordy & Arch


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