Day 7 Tui to Porrino.

Starting in the last darkness of night at 7:38 we were quickly out of the city limits and walking through forest along the Minho river. As this area is one of the oldest in Spain, there are reminders of antiquity everywhere. The roads we walked in retain the Roman road designation Roman 14 and 19 (XIV and XIX). We also cross original Roman bridges still in use today as you can see below.

After 4-5 hours of walking we came into Porrino and stopped for a beer break and some pulpo. Octopus is a Galician specialty and one of my favorite foods in Spain. Picture below. Staying in a small local hotel here as we have come upon a huge number of pilgrims and all the albergues seem to be full. We may have to make reservations the rest of the way to Santiago.r

Regret that the weak WiFi at the hotel will not allow me to attach pictures today. I will catch up tomorrow


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