Day 2 Lavra to Arcos

The sore muscles and bad knees moderated overnight and I was able to rise and move on. We spent the night in a campground. Not my first choice but the food was great and after over 18 miles I was ready to stop anywhere. Checking in they put us in a “bungalow” which was supposed to have 2 beds in the bedroom and a fold out sofa. It must have been lost in translation but it was a double bed and I ended up sleeping with another man for the first time in well ever.

This morning I had pushed for an early start as the 9:00 start is not in my nature. So we departed at 8:00. An improvement but still not in my definition of early. We walked along the coast along mostly boardwalks. I am not a fan as the warped and sometimes missing boards make it a challenge of paying attention. Also the gaps between boards have a nasty habit of grabbing the tips of your walking sticks and causing an immediate stop.

Once we got to Vila do Conde we turned northeast to cross over to the Central Route which is believed to be the route taken by St James. We passed one of the worlds largest remaining Roman aqueducts. At 4:00 in the hot sun with over 5 km to go to our goal of Sao Pablo de Rates I came across a rural hotel/spa in the town of Arcos. Since my Fitbit recorded over 40,000 steps yesterday and 35,000 today I decided that I had had enough and broke from ranks. I will meet up with my colleagues tomorrow. There is a great Spanish phrase that says “Hasta aqui llego!” This is as far as I go. No sharing a bed tonight. No walking 200 yards thru the campground during to night to the restroom.

Please forgive me for my indulgence.


9 thoughts on “Day 2 Lavra to Arcos

  1. Kristen says:

    That room looks fantastic — especially in comparison to the previous night! And when you get your definition of an early start tomorrow, you’ll catch your group tomorrow in no time flat. And speaking of flat — hoping that for you tomorrow as well!


  2. Ellen M Porter says:

    I have so enjoyed your blog. As you are traveling on your journey, I have a friend helping cancer survivors climb Mt. Kailish in Tibet. She posted this quote today, “For a journey without challenge, has no purpose; one without purpose has no soul.” I thought of you immediately. Rest well tonight!


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