More people

As this blog is also serving as my diary, there are many people I met along the Camino that I do not want to forget. My descriptions of them are my own and a number of names have been changed should my memories of them not be very positive or kind. 

El Brazilero. Departing Pamplona, I passed a couple people walking together. She was from Colombia and he Brazil. I only saw her once again. But the Brazilero I have run into many times to include two nightsf ago when he was in the bunk next to mine. He is one who stays up late to make business calls to Brazil and he needs to have a sleep study done.  

Tomas from Belgium. A very nice man who speaks good English. We were in at least 3 places together in the first week but he is a very fast and hard walker. Have not seen him for weeks.

La Polaca. A a very nice Polish woman in her 50s who has done the Camino before. She rises very early and walks 30-40km per day speaking no languages other than her own. I last saw her waiting on a bench in the dark for someone with a head lamp to lead her out of Ciruena. I did so and left her after sunrise when I stopped for coffee. I don’t know if she does not stop for lack of money or haste. 

Bishop Jung and Im. Very nice Korean couple of ministers married to each other and walking the Camino together. She did the Camino seven years ago and he wanted to do it too. He started too fast leaving his wife behind and developed blisters badly. He now walks slowly with His wife. Their church is in Madison, Wisconsin. Fun people who see goodness everywhere. 


2 thoughts on “More people

  1. Caesar and Judy Meledandri says:

    As today is Sunday and the Pope’s visit to the U.S. comes to an end I am heartened by your notes aand the vistas that you have seen in your walk. Congratulations on being well and accomplishing your dream. I continue to pray for your continued success and your safe return to home base and many rounds of golf.


  2. Joe Ritchie says:

    Ah , Michael. I can see that the exiting turn from Page Park onto Page Ave has scarred you for life! Completely understandable IMO. Best wishes as you enter Galicia.


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