Gentle readers. Not every day on the Camino is fun but they are all meaningful. After a great meal last night in the Albergue/hotel I enjoyed the company of some people I met very early on the Camino who had caught up with me. One man thought his wife was not walking fast enough so he left her behind. (Not a course of action I would have advised). The race for a bed to beat the surge of pilgrims required a push ahead in the cold wind and rain on to Burgos where there are many options and much to see. This places me a full day ahead of the guide book with 311 miles to go and 173 behind me. Under the weather conditions it was not prudent to spend time at Atapuerca as I had planned where they have found new and older human remains.  With no beds in Atapuerca it would have placed me into Burgos too late to find a place here.  Burgos is one of those cities that seems to be a living museum with historic and architectural treasures everywhere. Tomorrow will my first venture onto the meseta unless the weather is worse then I just might burn that extra day here in Burgos. I am greatful I am not doing this next year which is a Holy year when they expect as many as 1000 people a day.  Your cold, wet, and humble pilgrim. 


2 thoughts on “Burgos

  1. John Cho says:

    Mike: Safe travels during your pilgrimage! FYI, your son John mentioned your journey to me while we were celebrating his birthday at OTSG. Congrats in advance for taking one off your bucket list! VR John


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