The things I should have known

There are so many. I departed Lorca at 6:00 in the dark for a simple 20km day. I arrived in Villamayor de Monjardin OK but Simple was not a word on my lips. One who delivered a morning paper for 5 years and spent 24 years in the Infantry should have realized that a trail in use for 1000 years may have suffered by use and weather. The way to trail for the Camino is to find a dry stream bed at  a 30 degree slope and walk up and down for miles. Also, my expectation of an easy 15 miles a day at 3 mph was crazy. Maybe 3 km if no hills.

This morning was an adventure where my early life experience saved me. I missed a sign in the dark and after 15-20 min of walking, I noticed that the road noise was no longer to my right but behind me and faint. I walked back and got on the trail but lost 30-40 min of Camino. All is well I will not try to attach pix bc the wifi is not reliable and I keep having to rewrite the blog. I will show pix when I return. Thanks for your interest and support


5 thoughts on “The things I should have known

  1. jt says:

    Every day I find myself imagining I was right there with you. I’m thinking of you often and wish you the best (weather/sense of direction/food/drink/scenery, etc)


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