Back on the blog

It has been four years since my last Camino adventure but I am now just a few weeks away from my third (and 4th Camino). I have never been more excited nor ill prepared for the Camino. I am prepared with my equipment, my flights, and a reservation for my first night in Sarria. I just have not been sufficiently motivated to train for walking 15 miles a day. I have no excuse except for the fact that life got in the way. Years ago I had the fantasy of walking the Camino with my brothers and our sons. We were going to do this in 2020 but COVID got in the way. We are now poised to go then but that never happened. Here we are two years later and we are about to fly to Spain on 1 Sep and begin our walk on 3 Sep. the bonus for me is that I will be walking with both of my children. I am so pleased that Amanda has decided, and is able, to join us. The Camino has been so important to me and in some ways has come to define me as a person. I dearly want to impart to my family and children my deep love of the Camino. Unfortunately, I simply have not had the time and energy, read motivation, to train properly. I will do it no matter. I trust that my stubbornness, pride, and years of training will carry me through. In the last year, I somehow got old. I walk more slowly and I don’t seem to have the energy levels I had just a short time ago. I hope this goes well as my long term life plan has been to sustain a relationship with the Camino for the east of my life. When I can no longer walk, I hope to volunteer at albergues or just visit the cities that host the Camino.