Take THAT Camino

So after very poor wifi yesterday and a couple of old blogs posting out of sequence, I am back on track. After a good night in a hotel in O’Cebreiro I hit the trail early and hard. Conditions were excellent as it was cool and clear until entering the valley which includes Sarria where there was cloud  cover and some cool fog. Made it into the outskirts of town and ready for another push east tomorrow. Now only 72 miles from Santiago. 

With a better wifi connection I may be able to tell about how amazing the climb was to O’Cebreiro. We started our day with the Orange sun eclipse at 0430. Then after a rest I met my Camino friends Dr and Mrs (Im) Jung at their albergue. They asked me to lead them out of town early with my headlamp. We walked along the trail under a bright full moon until coffee break where I left them and walked on with Claudio from Cuomo Italy. I was able to explain sleep apnea to him in Spanish and he understood in his Italian. There are some amazing cross languag conversations that happen on the Camino. Claudio dropped me at second breakfast and he pushed on. He is a rail thin 61 year old who proudly weighs only 63 kilos. 

Today’s photo, if I can post it, is the view from the top looking down on Sarria which for some reason remains cloud covered until about 2PM.  Almost all down hill and 38km away.  



8 thoughts on “Take THAT Camino

  1. Kristen says:

    !Felicidades! Que gano muchos puntos de SPLAT en los ultimos dias. Tan orgulloso de ti. Buena suerte mañana. !Solamente 72 para ir! Woo Hoo!


  2. JT says:

    I’m having much fun tracking your progress on a map. Amazing journey even when you’re zoomed out to see the whole Iberian Peninsula. I do admit that I’m curious about the swim portion, perhaps Serra do Outes (West of Santiago de Compostela) to Charleston? Of course, you’d swing by Nova Scotia on your way.


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