OK kids. For those of you who are following along on your maps, Papi missed a road sign somewhere and ended up on an alternative route thru Villadangos del Paramo (easy for you to say) I thought I was in Vilar de Mazarife BUT NO!  So at 11:00 I had to decide to stay and accept my fate or continue on. I chose the harder right as is my nature. I walked on to a town called Hospital de Orbigo a total of 34 km today in 7 1/2 hours of walking. So this sets me up for a good day tomorrow with only 16.3 to Astorga. There are the biggest climbs of the journey in the next few days so if I can break them up it is a good thing. 

There have been a few comments about the food along the way. As luck would have it, next door to the parish albergue there is an award winning restaurant of the region. Good enough to take a credit card. I had one of the best Spanish meals in years from gambas as ajillo through the entrecôte with Roquefort sauce and wine.  So far I have been surviving on the usual chicken and French fries but when I can I have been eating my way through the pig. My first codilla de cerdo ( pig elbow) was delicious as were the pig cheeks. I still have not found the elusive Cordero asado (roast lamb) but there is time. 

Your hole pilgrim. 


9 thoughts on “Hospital

  1. jt says:

    For the rest of your life, if you ever tell people you are “going for a walk” we’ll never know if it’s down the block or 500 miles. Congrats on the good meal. Celebrate always.


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